Plan a visit

Join us Sunday mornings at 10:30 for worship

Where do I go?

Join us at 702 Eastwood Road. We’ll be ready to meet you at the doors with a smile and point you in the direction of the coffee if you need it. If you have children with you, look for the signs pointing you to where you can drop them off.

What do I wear?

Come as you are! We have folks who wear suits, ties, and dresses, as well as those who wear pants, jeans, flannel shirts, and t-shirts.

What about the kids?

During the service, programing is provided for kids nursery through age 5. If you would like a Worship Bag for your elementary aged child, let one of our greeters know! If you have a baby, we also have a parent’s room in the lobby with rockers and a tv to watch the service.

What should you expect?

Because we believe the Bible is God’s infallible word, our authority on every matter to which it speaks, we seek to preach faithfully through the Bible, in a manner that focuses on the text for what it is and makes much of the God who is at the center of the story. 

As singing is one way that God has given us to worship him, we work to sing songs that accessible for all to participate. It’s our goal to praise God and encourage one another as we sing out loud together.

At Eastwood Community you will be greeted warmly and have others take steps to get to know you. We strive to live in community with one another, not just on Sunday mornings, to encourage, admonish, and grow with each other.